Quick Guide: How to Add a Partner to Your Facebook Business Manager Ad Account

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to add a partner/agency to your facebook business manager. This process should not take more than 5-10 minutes.
*If you already have your Business Manager and Ads Account setup, please ignore Step 1 and 2.

Step 1. Creating Business Manager Account

1. Go to business.facebook.com (you will be asked to sign in to Facebook if not already signed in. After you signed in you will be taken to Facebook Business Manager homepage)
2. Click Create Account button.

3. Enter Business Name, select the Primary Page and enter your Name and work Email address.

4. Enter your business details (Name, Contact info, Address) and now you have a Business Manager.

Step 2. Adding Facebook Page and Ads Account to Business Manager

1. After you complete the steps above, you will land on the page below:

2. Click on Add Page, you will see the screen below. If you are already admin on Facebook Page you need to select first option ‘Add a Page you own’ and then enter the page name or URL. In you want to add a page on which you are not admin, you need to select second option and in this case admin of the page will receive an email.

If you are starting a new Facebook page, you need to select third option.

3. After you’ve added your Face book Page you need to client on “Add Ad Account” and follow the same steps again.

4. If you already own the Ads Account you need to select the first option, if will ask for Ads Account ID which can be found by opening this link in new tab. (see picture below) Facebook.com/Ads/Manager

Step 3. Giving Access to Business Manager

1. Navigate to Business Settings.

2. Under Users Click on Partners and then click Add and enter my business ID.

3. After you enter a business ID, you need to select the relevant Facebook Page, Ads Account, Catalogs (if any) and Pixels and role on each as ‘Manage Page’, ‘Manage Ads Account’, ‘Manage Pixel’.

After all the above steps are complete, Facebook will send the selected partner an email that you have provided access to your business manager and with that everything is done from your side.

Thank you - we hope this blog was useful.

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