The Most Important Instagram Statistics for Marketers

As a marketer, the question probably isn’t even whether you should use Instagram. It’s how should you use it. This is why today we’ll look at some of the most useful instagram statistics around. We’ll see where the social media channel is headed, from user growth trends to the rise of video ads. In short, we’ve gathered the most relevant data to help you decide how to segment your campaigns and make the most of the platform.

1. Instagram’s User Base Continues to Grow

Snapchat and Facebook have shown fairdly stagnant user acquisition rates recently. But since the 1st of June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users, less than a year after hitting the 800 million users mark.

If you don’t wanna do the maths, that’s a 5% increase per quarter.

While there is no clear consensus on what caused the surge, insiders suspect the launch of Stories has a lot to do with the increase in popularity. Letting users post creatively through new methods such as GIFs, emoji sliders and polls also shows the company isn’t scared of experimenting with new ideas.

“ Letting users post creatively through new methods such as GIFs, emoji sliders and polls shows the company isn’t scared of experimenting with new ideas.”

While users can be fickle (see: Snapchat redesign backlash), Instagram still shows an excellent track record of bringing new people to its app. It should boost the confidence of marketers who still feel lukewarm about creating their first account.

2. Users Tend to Be Younger and Female

Targeting Gen Z and millennial girls? You could do a lot worse than spend your advertising dollars on Instagram. While Snapchat is still US teens’ favourite social media app, Instagram comes second, well ahead of Facebook and twitter.

These stats are based on the Piper Jaffray semi-annual survey, where they asked teenagers which social media platform is the most important to them. As of Autumn 2017, it looked something like this:

And while it may seem anecdotal, opening a new account in IG will tend to skew your feed towards fashion design, beauty brands and female influencers. Turns out, there’s a reason for that: the user base has been predominantly female for a long time.

Note that it’ hard to get clear stats for the worldwide averages, especially as the stats don’t count gender-neutral or non-specific accounts. Still, the numbers we have show that, in the U.S. users are 30% male against 39% female.

4. Good News: Users Have Deep Pockets

According to data collected from the official Instagram Press page, it would appear marketers have a wide range of income demographics to target. And high end / luxury products would do very well on the platform when you consider the following stats:

  • 38% of adult IG users make less than $30,000.
  • 37%of adult IG users make less than $75,000.
  • 32% of adult IG users make between $30,000–$49,999
  • 32% of adult IG users make between $49,999–$74,999 use Instagram.

Side note: if you want to take at who your upper bracket target demographic might be, a good place to start is the hugely popular Rich Kids of the Internet account (formerly Rich Kids of Instagram) which reposts pictures from the young and fabulously wealthy.

5. They Respond Well to Business Accounts

Instagram has one of the highest interaction and engagement rates. According to the 2016 Forrester report, it hovers around 2.2% interaction rate per follower. Instagram’s older brother Facebook is nowhere near the mark, with a comparatively measly 0.22%.

“Instagram has one of the highest interaction and engagement rates, hovering around 2.2% interaction rate per follower.”

60% of users discover new products through their feed: if you’re still wondering with the platform is so popular with B2C companies and startups, this is it. Especially when you consider that 80% of all users follow at least one business account.

6. Advertising on IG Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

As a popular way to gain traction and promote content, hashtags and are an excellent marketing tool. Turns out, 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded, which shouldn’t be too surprising since there are more than 2 million advertisers on the platform.

Consequently, Instagram’s mobile ad revenue is set to hit nearly $7 Billion in 2018, driven in part by the push for video ads. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, video ads are quickly gaining traction on the photo-sharing platform, as users spent 80% more time watching them in 2018 than in 2017.

Still, it’s not all roses for marketers as this could drown their message in noise. In fact, according to Sprout Social, more than 70% of posts never get seen.


Social media marketing is not as easy as simply copy and pasting the strategy to different platforms. Considering the statistics above, we can clearly see that instagram has its own idiosyncrasies.

The good news is that Instagram still probably one of the most rewarding platforms for marketers. With a high engagement rate, growing user base and opportunities for creative campaigns, it should be a playing field for the best marketers out there (as long as they follow the best posting practices).

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