The Top 11 Social Media Management Tools Available Right Now 2019

Social media management can really drain your resources these days. It takes time, effort, and yes, a lot of patience.

But it can also be simplified with the right tools. The problem is: which ones are the right ones? Every platform promises to make managing Twitter, Instagram or Twitter a breeze, but they don’t always deliver.

Don’t worry. This guide lists 11 tried and tested tools that will really streamline your social management process so you can focus on growing your engagement, attracting fans, and increasing your conversions with users.

#1 Hootsuite - The Veteran

It’s been around since 2008, which is a long time when new challengers pop up every day. But social media managers still love Hootsuite, thanks to its flexible tools, good features, and excellent user interface.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Post scheduling: upload posts one at a time, or bulk schedule ny importing posts in the CSV format
  • Boost posts: you can use specific networks’ ad boosting tools didirectlyectly form the dashboard.
  • Team management: set custom levels, assign tasks and goals to team members, communicate with team directly from dashboard
  • Analytics: track performance, build custom reports, export as PDF, Excel or even PowerPoint
  • Content curation: You can also use Hootsuite to find the right hashtags and content to repost


  • Free plan: 1 user, 3 social profiles
  • Professional: 1 user, 10 social profiles, $500 monthly ad spend limit - $19 per month
  • Team: 3 users, 20 social profiles,  $2,000 monthly ad spend limit - $99 per month
  • Business: 5-10 users, 35 social profiles, $5,000 monthly ad spend limit - $599 per month

#2 Sprout Social - Full of Features

Very similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social also offers excellent features in a neat interface (that’s a little bit busier than its competitors). Nevertheless, you have all the tools needed for management and optimization.

As you’ll see, they are limited based on the plan you choose, which is why Hootsuite can be a better choice for beginners. Here’s what you get:

  • Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Smart inbox: A cool way to manage all your messages in one place
  • Keyword and hashtag monitoring: to find relevant content to your brand
  • Facebook and Instagram moderation: great to control star ratings and comments
  • Engagement reporting: to see what works and what doesn’t (Professional and Advanced plans only)
  • Chatbots: another modern way to manage conversations from their backend (advanced plans only)
  • Social CRM: a very advanced tool to log user info and save it for later
  • Post scheduler: to manage your social media timing
  • Image editor: neat tool to make sure the size and text are spot-on


  • Standard: 1 user, 5 social profiles, $99 per month
  • Professional: 1 user, 10 social profiles, $149 per month
  • Advanced, 1 user, 10 social profiles, all the features, $249 per month

#3 Buffer - Publish, Reply and Analyze

Buffer’s features also overlap with those of Hootsuite, with a few cool extras, like their Chrome browser extension and iOS and Android app for managing posts on the go. We also love their GIF and video uploader. Also worth noting, they segment their offer into three products:

  • Publish: to manage posts through scheduling, team review, and post reminders. $15 - $99 per month depending on users and accounts.
  • Reply: more focused on customer support and messaging, this one helps with team collaboration thanks to a shared inbox and task assignment features. $50 - $225 a month depending on users and accounts.
  • Analyze: their advanced reporting tool. One dashboard for aggregated or individual metrics from various platforms and posts. $50 per month
  • Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

#4 Sendible - Great for Agencies

If social media management is your company’s main bread and butter, you’ll do worse than invest in a powerful solution like Sendible. So of course, in terms of features you’ll get the usual like post scheduling and reporting.

But then you get very granular stuff, like a full CRM tool that lets you create a full picture of your users. You also get everything you can dream of in terms of team management and reporting features.

  • Supported networks: all the usual, plus Blogger, Google My Business, Tumblr and even Wordpress
  • Content recommendation: Sendible will automatically push content it thinks you can user to report and stay relevant.
  • Content listening: another cool tool that monitors keywords on social feeds and blogs. It even lets you know if the content is positive, negative or neutral, so you can manage your strategy accordingly.

The final note is on their pricing, which is segmented depending on the amount of features you choose. It’s a great way to customize Sendible exactly how you want it to be:

  • Micro: 12 services, 1 user, $29 per month
  • Small: 48 services, 3 users, $99 per month
  • Medium: 105 services, 7 users, $199 per month
  • Large: 192 services, 60 reports, $299 per month

#5 eClincher - Best in Class

Ranked the number #1 social media management platform by G2 Crowd, eClincher lets you manage the usual networks, with a few added bonuses. We’re particularly impressed with their RSS feed management and the ability to find influencers who can boost and amplify your message.

  • Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Google My Business, YouTube, RSS feeds
  • Main features: all the usual such as post scheduling, social inbox, CRM, keyword or hashtag monitoring and listening
  • RSS feeds: this is one of their unique features, which allows you to post and queues through feeds
  • Media library: great if you want to prep all your images, videos and audio ahead of time
  • Influencer research: eClincher also lets you search for influencers based on your targeted audience. It’s the only platform that does it.


  • Basic: 10 profiles, 1 user, $50 per month
  • Premier: 20 profiles, 3 users, $119 per month
  • Agency: 40 profiles, unlimited brands, 6 users, $219 per month

#6 Snaplytics - Snapchat-Specific

Snapchat is hard to master, and ever harder to market, unless you use a tool like Snaplytics. This platform allows you to create engaging stories through content editing thanks to their publishing suite.

You can also repost user generated comment and manage messaging from their backend - and one great plus is that all past messaging is stored for future reference.

  • Supported networks: yes, it’s Snapchat focused, but it also works with Instagram
  • Pricing: unfortunately, you need to contact them directly to get a quote.

#7 Social Pilot - Affordable and Elegant

Social Pilot offers a flexible and efficient tool that can work for small businesses, solopreneurs, agencies, and even enterprises. You’ll get the usual publishing and collaboration, post calendar and analytics features, but with a special focus on affordability.

I fact, Social Pilot is probably the cheapest tool you can use, and it’s delivered in a very user friendly interface.

  • Supported networks: All the usual suspects, plus a few networks from other markets such as VK and Xing.
  • Special features: Content suggestions, and their very handy white label reports - ideal if you are an agency who needs to present reports to clients right out of the box.


  • Individual plan: 5 accounts, 50 posts a month, $8.33 per month
  • Professional: 25 social media accounts, 3 team members, $30 per month
  • Small team: 50 social media accounts, 5 team members, $50 per month
  • Agency: 100 social media accounts, 10 team members, $100 per month

#8 Agora Pulse - Simplified Social Management

Another management tool for all your social media handles that is on the more affordable side of the spectrum, Agora Pulse prides itself on its simplicity. The UI and UX are particularly refined, making it a great starter tool for beginners.

However, you still get a tons of unique and standard features, like the ubiquitous post scheduling, team management, and CRM. Their core offering is divided in the sections Engage, Publish, LIsten, Collaborate, Measure / Report, and Audience. Special features highlighted below.

  • Supported networks: Only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Unlimited reports: you even get the cool Facebook Barometer, for a quick oversight of how healthy your page is without diving too deep into the analytics.
  • Competitor benchmarking: this works particularly with Twitter, where you can see who is winning the fight for user attention in seconds


  • Medium: 10 social profiles, 3 users, $79 per month
  • Large: 25 social profiles, 6 users, $150 per month
  • X-Large: 40 social profiles, 12 users, $239 per month
  • Enterprise: 70 social profiles, 20 users, $459 per month

#9 CoSchedule - Your Complete Marketing Calendar

More than just a social media management tool, CoSchedule is first and foremost sold as a powerful calendar to plan all your marketing needs. It’s ideal for big teams and complex campaigns that require perfect timing.

  • Supported networks: Only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Marketing Calendar: their big USP, giving you a complete overview of your campaigns and marketing efforts for months to come
  • Smart resharing: their ReQueue feature automatically finds gaps in your schedule and fills it with high-performing posts

Pricing: there are five products in their range: the Marketing Suite, Content Organizer, Work Organizer, Social Organizer and Asset Organizer. Prices vary from $50 - $200 per month depending on users and social profiles.

#10 TailWind - Managing Pinterest and Instagram

Sometimes you need specific tools depending on the platform you target. If your main handles are on Instagram and Pinterest, TailWind has got you covered. It comes with a smart scheduling and calendar feature, and is ideal for managing multiple users.

  • Supported networks: This one is only for Pinterest and Instagram
  • Content looping: similar to CoSchedule’s ReQueue - it finds your successful, evergreen content and reposts it during dead time.
  • Hashtag recommendation: just type your caption, and TailWind will intelligently find the right categories to attach to your post
  • TailWind Tribes: this is a feature that links people and audience members whose content is relevant to your targeting - and it works both ways so they can share your stuff too.


  • Plus: 1 account, $9,99 per month. You can add more accounts at $15 per user per month.
  • Professional: 5 collaborators, $799.99 per month

#11 Edgar - A Different Approach

Edgar has taken an interesting approach to post scheduling and social media content management. Instead of letting you do all the manual work, it lets you upload your readymade content and automatically tries to find the best times to post it for you.

The automation works great, and it can also recycle your post archives based on the categories they were submitted in. It’s why they call it the social management tool that manages itself.

  • Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Category based scheduling: great if you target multiple markets and segments
  • Automated scheduling: upload your posts, and Edgar finds the best time to send them into the world
  • Unlimited content library: you can have as much content ready to go as you need.


  • $49 per month

Key Takeaways

There’s no one-size-fits all tool for social media management (which is why so many new ones pop up on a monthly basis). Rather than going for the most popular, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well (and cheap) can it scale if I need to grow my social media operations in the future?
  • What are some must-have features? RSS feed? Auto repost?
  • How big is my team, and many accounts will I need?

Hopefully this list should have all the answers you need to get started. Most of them offer a free trial - so go ahead and get started today!

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