You can now sell for FREE on Google With FREE Shopping Ads

Google is supporting all merchants to sell products in its shopping tab for freeduring this Coronavirus lockdown. This effort on the part of Google is gearedtowards the stimulation of growth in the retail sector.

Accordingto a recent update by Bill Ready, the Google President of Commerce, “all searchresults within the Shopping tab will include, for the most part, free productlistings- regardless of whether a merchant promotes their products on theplatform or not”.

Hereiterated that the changes would extend globally before the year ends while itwill take effect before the end of April in US search results.

Accordingto Ready, “businesses are struggling to incur ad spend on Google shoppinglistings in this challenging time.

Andas people shop online, they are looking beyond essentials; they also want tobuy items like apparel, home goods, and toys. A lot of retailers have theseitems and are ready to ship, but they are less visible online," While this is a great opportunity for struggling merchants to link up with theircustomers, most of them lack what it takes at scale."

This change is great news for retailers as they simply get free exposure to millionsof shoppers who access Google daily to attend to their shopping needs. Shoppers can also purchase varieties of products from different stores, accessible viathe Google Shopping tab. Advertisers can augment paid campaigns for freelistings. All existing users of shopping ads and Merchant Center canautomatically enjoy the free listings without any extra effort.

Google is planning to streamline the onboarding process for new retailers on theMerchant Center over the coming weeks.

“A Merchant Center is highly important before free item listings can be published,as all product listings rely on product feeds that are uploaded to the MerchantCenter,” says Ready.

Coupled with this new development, Google Shopping will be collaborating with PayPal. Businesses can synchronize their PayPal accounts with Google Shopping. Thislinkage is perceived to expedite the onboarding process. Other existingpartners such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce will also be engaged instreamlining digital commerce and making it more accessible for all merchants.

"There are other benefits to pay for paying for ads, but if you are interested insaving on your ad budget, this free product listing is a great initiative to cut back," said Tzvi Balbin, the Head of Digital at DataSauce.

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