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DataSauce works with early startups to household known brands, across e-commerce, B2B, property, and events. 

We run campaigns globally for brands such as 2XU, Aquila, Dulux, Flux Finance, Mister Zimi, Nike Melbourne Marathon, Hairhouse, Peninsula Hot Springs, VUSH, and many more.

Are you the Content Creator we've been looking for? 

Performance and content marketing is our specialty. You’ll find our digital marketing efforts come to life on Google, FB+ IG, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest, Amazon - and any other channel that keeps you scrolling past 3am. 

We create ads that seem to read your mind about exactly what you want. 

It's not witchcraft, it's not your phone listening to you - it's us. Us, combined with a hefty amount of data and research. 

The language in the copy, the visuals, the placements of the ads, it's all carefully considered and made just for you. That's exactly what we do for our clients. We research, strategise, create and design.

Role Summary:

We're looking for a self-motivated, forward-thinking, talented content creator who can create & execute innovative creative, who’s excited to use our studio and every other inch of our office and the outside world to create compelling campaigns.

The role doesn't stop there - creating digital ads, curating social feeds, producing and editing content for TikTok, creating email content and designing branding. Being a part of our clients’ brand development are just some of the great projects you’ll be working on. 

TikTok is the fastest growing part of our world and we are looking for a multifaceted creative who can work across both stills and video. Whether that is something you have experience in or has just been an interest of yours we would love to hear from you.

We’re interested in designers who are interested in the strategy side of design - why does this kind of creative work? How do you use your design skills to highlight a campaign’s purpose? How do you compel users to shop?

The Must Haves:

✔️  You live & breathe the Adobe Creative Suite having experience or skill in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.

✔️  You have strong video shooting and editing skills

✔️  Your best friend's birthday video is borderline an academy award production because you love capturing every moment

✔️  You enjoy staying on top of trends - be it from the latest design creation programs through to which colours are in this season

✔️  You have a thick skin and are able to see other people's point of view & take on board feedback

✔️  The biggest thing that gets you down is not having enough phone storage to house all the content you've collected over the years

✔️  The ability to apply creative critical thinking to real life scenarios

✔️  Be willing to bring new ideas to the table from any realm of the digital world & ready to learn when others bring theirs!

✔️ You love working independently & collaboratively

The DataSauce Life: 

🧡  In the heart of South Melbourne, our office features a state of the art, professional  photo studio for shooting and filming! Our office amenities don’t stop there… We've also got an elite gym, basketball court, golf simulator - and did we mention the beer tap?

🧡  Regular upskilling opportunities including lunch and learn sessions, skills development sessions from our partners at FB+IG, Google & more!

🧡  We’re huge on team breakfasts, lunches and knock-off drinks, if there’s a reason to celebrate you best believe we’ll be celebrating it (including but not limited to, your dog’s 3rd birthday)

🧡  Lots of opportunities for growth and development in your career

How To Apply:

To apply, you’ll need a CV full of your achievements, a compelling cover letter and a portfolio of your best/favourite work.

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