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About DataSauce

When there’s a million and 1 other agencies out there, why should you choose DataSauce? 

When you think about it, you spend a fair chunk of your waking life at work. So call us crazy, but we think it’s important to love where you work! 

We could give you the whole sales pitch but we thought the best way to understand what it’s like working at DataSauce is to hear it from people who already work here. 

Working at DataSauce is like…. 

“Being a part of the Australian 4x100 relay swim team - working together to win gold and set new records.”

  • Carla Jaeger, Copywriter 

“Is like drinking Fireball at 4pm on a Friday.” 

  • Aaron Mudford, Senior Digital Strategy Executive 

“Like learning 3 years worth of digital advertising skills in 1 year. The learning curve is steep in a good way, in whatever discipline you are in.”

  • Kento Nishimatsu, Head of Search

“Is like learning from extremely smart people with incredible work ethics. I’ve been working at DataSauce since I graduated. Honestly, it's the best start I could get in my career. I am still being pushed out of  my comfort zone every single day here.”

  • Ethan To, Digital Specialist 

“ Working at DataSauce is like opening a subscription box, I didn't know what to expect but ended up loving it.” 

  • Crestabella Suandi, Digital Strategy Executive

So there you have it. From the moment you walk in the door on your first day, you’re not new anymore. You’re a part of the team.

If you need to work from home, take a day off, we back you. 
If you want to pitch to a new client, we’ll back you. 
If you want to try something a bit outlandish, we’ll back you. 

Our partnerships with Google, Klaviyo, Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify, mean you have access to learn from industry-leading platforms. If you want to learn, we’ve got the tools to facilitate it.  

About The Digital Marketing Intern Role

Based in Balaclava, DataSauce is a digital marketing agency unlike any other. 

You know those ads you see on social media? The ones that seem to know you too well, where the hot pink flare pants that you thought of once, are now plastered all over your social feeds. 

It’s not witchcraft, it’s not your phone listening to you - it’s us. Us, combined with a hefty amount of data and research. 

The language in the copy, the visuals, the placements of the ads, it’s all carefully considered and made just for you. That’s exactly what we do for our clients, we research, strategise, create and design.

Performance and content marketing is our specialty. Google, FB+ IG, Snapchat, Reddit, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Amazon and any other channel that keeps you scrolling till 3am is where you’ll see our digital marketing efforts come to life.

Regardless of the job title, everyone at DataSauce is trained to have an expansive and comprehensive knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. Our 20 day, internship program neatly packages this training into two, 7.5 hour days a week (flexible to your schedule). 

You’ll learn the ropes and get a chance to practice, make mistakes and learn from them before you start working on real client projects.  

From day 1-4 you’ll read data, make ads and strategic decisions for digital platforms in response to dummy briefs, in a safe, supportive learning environment. Then from that day onwards, you’ll be given live briefs and clients to work on, supervised and working as one of the team. 

At the end of your internship, you’ll have gained an employable skill set across FB+IG, Google, as well as Pinterest, TikTok and other channels too! 

About You 

☑︎ You have a keen eye for detail

☑︎ You consider yourself commercially minded 

☑︎ You take a strategic approach to solving problems

☑︎ Not only are you able to recognise and understand the meaning of patterns in numbers, but you have the ability to use this knowledge to ideate creative solutions. (think how to use these patterns to influence ad copy, video, images, landing pages, emails, anything a consumer might see online)

☑︎ You’re willing to bring new ideas to the table from any realm of the digital world & ready to learn when others bring theirs!

DataSauce’s Digital Marketing Internship Benefits & Opportunities

☑︎ In the heart of Balaclava, our 20 day uniquely crafted internship program is centred around your development including lunch and learn sessions, skills development sessions from our partners at FB+IG, Google & more! 

☑︎ 50% of our interns go on to get paid work following the internship 

☑︎ Extremely interactive internship. Hands on, your work isn’t going to waste - from day one, you’re helping drive results for our clients. 

☑︎ We’re huge on team breakfasts, lunches and knock-off drinks, if there’s a reason to celebrate you best believe we’ll be celebrating it (including but not limited to, your dog’s 3rd birthday) 

How To Apply for the Digital Marketing Internship

To apply, you’ll need a CV full of your achievements, a cover letter which outlines clearly why we should consider you and then round one will consist of an interview and a few tests. Not to test you like in high school, but to help you (and us) understand what makes you tick, how you respond to tasks, and how DataSauce can help you live up to your potential by bringing out your success.

As a person, you should be someone who is curious, driven, articulate, confident, and hungry to learn. If you don’t know how to do something, you keep chipping away at it until you get a breakthrough. You don’t give up at the first sign of a challenge. In fact, you’d worry if you weren’t challenged because you always want to know more.

So, is this you? If it is, then please forward your CV and a compelling cover letter to 

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