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About Black Mango

Black Mango are creators of beautiful, luxurious bespoke furniture and lighting solutions. The CEO, Daniel Wright, has over 20 years’ experience in retail and aims to offer a customer-orientated shopping experience that focuses on excellent craftsmanship and affordable bespoke products. With a wide range of products to choose from, Black Mango cater to all individual tastes.

The Problem

Daniel Wright, while brilliant and successful in retail, did not have the required skill set to confidently set up an online store with excellent SEO, stock integration capabilities, safe payment and business protection. He needed the help of a qualified and trusted team of Web Designers and Marketing Specialists to guide him through the business and set up an online store from scratch. So, he approached DataSauce.


Our first step in setting up Black Mango online was to choose an ecommerce platform. We selected Shopify because it is customisable, offers good SEO and is an easy user experience.

Our next stop was to come up with a custom web design and branding that reflected the qualities of Black Mango. We started with a simple colour swatch; black and orange to reflect the brand name and touches of white as an accent colour. From there, we came up with the logo. We went for a mix of fonts: one bold and one simple. We then added touch of colour. We felt this expressed the individual, bespoke furniture the brand created and yet was still simple, chic and effective. The result is a stylish, timeless design to appeal to Black Mango’s target demographic.

Once the branding was finalised, we got to work creating the custom web design on Wordpress. We focused on ensuring that the web pages were simple to use, straightforward, and offered quick load times.

We worked our magic on the site’s SEO. We optimized all web pages with relevant metadata, LSI keywords and locations to give the site the best possible starting position to build SEO on and improve the ranking over time.

We also took into account the practicalities of running an ecommerce such as stock management and revenue. We made sure that all such data was updated in real-time so that Black Mango’s customers always had access to available stock and that the team at Black Mango weren’t overwhelmed trying to keep things updated themselves.



THE Results

Daniel Wright was very pleased with the beautiful design and functioning of the new ecommerce store and the potential this offered his business to expand and serve more customers outside of the shop’s region. Black Mango chose to continue working with the team here at DataSauce owing to our excellent results and in-depth understanding of what support the business needed.

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