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About Harbour Town Melbourne

Harbour Town is Melbourne’s premium open-air shopping centre. Located just minutes from Melbourne CBD and alongside the Docklands, this is more than just a shopping outlet. Harbour Town has a huge range of shops, restaurants and bars, a cinema, and it hosts special entertainment events that are fun for all of the family. Harbour Town aims to offer a day out rather than just a shopping trip.

The Problem

Habour Town was bought by Ashe Morgan Winthrop, who then commissioned a new website by another web design agency.

The website produced was not meeting the requirements of the team who needed access to more detailed user data in order to work on marketing strategies to encourage online users to visit Harbour Town in person. On top of that, the website had Google Analytics running double, which resulted in inaccurate data being recorded. To rectify the problem and re-work the site to offer increased data access, Ashe Morgan Winthrop approached DataSauce for help. They came to us with some objectives; they wanted to use data capture to get more email signups, have a new contact form created and also add a new webpage with all practical information about Harbour Town included.


Our first step was to fix the issue with Google Analytics doubly reporting. This meant that the team could have access to the right metrics and therefore record the results of their SEO campaigns more accurately.

Once this problem was solved, our Web Design team got to work creating a new, easy to use contact form and a separate web page with all of Harbour Town’s practical information such as opening times, location etc. This allowed the team at Ashe Morgan Winthrop to track which site visitors were following through to check the complex’s opening times, and how this translated in terms of real-life visitors to Harbour Town.

Our next step was to install a data capture software so that an email marketing campaign could be set up. The collected email addresses would receive regular communication from Harbour Town such as event information and special offers to entice the recipients to make a visit to Harbour Town.

We worked very closely with the team at Harbour Town to ensure that we were meeting and exceeding their needs, and even optimised Google Analytics’ reporting to be segmented so that the team could track target demographics and create custom events on the site specifically targeting that audience.



THE Results

Speaking of the project, Chairman of Ashe Morgan, Michael Moss, said that he was: ‘very pleased with the efforts the team at DataSauce went to in order to rectify the mistakes in Google Analytics’ reporting, and the way they were able to break down the metrics in order for advanced correlations to be spotted. The results were amazing, and the data was used to maximise the amount of visits that Harbour Town received.”

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