Skincare Brand Explodes With 14X ROAS


14X ROAS Overloads Warehouse

About Skincare Brand Explodes With 14X ROAS

A leading Australian professional skin treatment & care brand approached DataSauce with a desire to find an agency that could assist with online paid advertising. Although having a very strong website for an e-commerce platform, it was still not enough to pull the sales figures the company has been striving for.

The Problem

Simply put, this skin care brand needed more of the RIGHT type of traffic to be brought to their website to help generate new sales. We needed to develop a way to drive significant new traffic and increase online sales via Facebook/Instagram and Google Adwords campaigns. However, increasing cold traffic often requires additional attention to ensure they are not bombarded but warmed in the process of converting to new paying customers.


We introduced a new funnel system that focused on our client’s warm audiences - those who had already engaged with their brand in some form - whether visiting their website or social media channels.

We also set up a Dynamic feed, where ads are generated specifically for each individual potential customer, producing more relevant ads. These ads showed consumers the very items they had viewed on our clients website. This process ensures items will be of interest to potential customers and personalises the shopping experience.

To convert the new and warm audiences into customers, we ensured they were served ads frequently, reaching over 15x frequency.



14x ROAS

For every dollar spent, this skin care brand received 14x Return On Advertising Spend by the second month working together.

500x Purchases

Acquired 500x purchases online in the second month of operating ads.

2,300 Add to Carts in a month

Increased Add to Carts to over 2,300 in the second month.

THE Results

DataSauce achieved an excess of 14x ROAS for this client by their second month working with us! In addition, our team was able to help this skin care brand hit 500x purchases in their second month - all attributed to the social campaigns we operated. This was a significant shift from their previous results prior to working with our agency.

As our client has grown over this short period of time, so has their needs. To accomodate this, we further enhanced their strategy to include cold outreach, targeting consumers that have not interacted with their brand online before, which increased their customer base and strengthened performance results. Now, after completion of a third month working together, we have helped acquire our client over 400x new customers.

These positive results lead to our client increasing their advertising spend with DataSauce by 4x of their first months budget.

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