The Great Weekend Case Study


About The Great Weekend

The Great Weekend is a new show to the Seven Network that shows viewers the best things to see, eat and do in Victoria. The show has four hosts; weather presenter and self-proclaimed “foodie” Jane Bunn, sports commentator Brian ‘BT’ Taylor, Melbourne born, international model Brooke Hogan and AFL Richmond star Jack Reiwoldt. The national program showcases Victoria’s incredible cuisine, best-kept-secrets and hidden gems, and incredible attractions - everything to make your weekend, a Great one.

The Problem

With the show launching in February 2019, the programs pilot episode did not successfully generate the excitement or viewership as expected.

The network had done some traditional advertising for this program before going to air but didn’t receive the cut through or engagement as they would have hoped for. WTFN then engaged DataSauce for a data driven digital solution that could provide this cut through and increase overall TV viewership of the program.


Using Facebook insights and the show’s talent, we created a social-media focused marketing strategy, that worked at three different phases; watch this weekend, watch tonight and watch now.

The first step was uncovering who the target audience is and how to effectively reach them on Facebook. The solution was to target influencers within this category and competitor shows that their audience would most likely have an affinity to The Great Weekend. Examples of this were Lisa Wilkinson (TV Presenter) and Postcards (TV Show).

Once we had identified how to reach this audience, we planned a content and deliver strategy that would both create awareness and drive viewership on the evening.

These first two phases worked in a teaser manner, creating more buzz around the program and generating a level of excitement and expectation for the air date. Audience’s were warmed to the program’s content, talent and schedule. Using real time data, we were able to pivot media spend and add in more influencers that the audience were responding too.

The third phase - watch now - was an accelerated tactic that targeted key devices and wifi users, capturing their attention, ‘It’s on now!’ and appealing to their desire to not-miss-out.

This strategy drove audience’s to stop what they were doing and turn on their tv’s to tune in. The campaign was optimised to reach and deliver to everyone we had engaged during the week as they were the most likely audience to tune in and increase viewership.



56% Increase in TV Viewship

Compared to pilot episode, increase by 56% in TV viewership

.03c Cost per Engagement

Achieved an extremely low cost per engagement not even 1 cent per engagement!

THE Results

By implementing this mulit-faceted campaign, we were to identify who the target audience were, what content they engaged with, and continue to serve this content to them over a range of devices. This created a buzz around the show, driving audiences attention away from other programs to watch, and get hooked on, The Great Weekend.

With only a small media budget we were able to:

  • Increase TV Viewership by 56% compared to their pilot episode
  • Create a new high point of ratings which was 139k compared to 90k the previous week
  • Deliver a cost per engagement of 0.03c
  • Reach 77,000 unique users

Because of this result, WTFN have continued to engage us for the remainder of the season and help partner the launch of other shows they have.

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