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Chief, a healthy snack bar company, had a simple goal: increase revenue. And we did exactly that.
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Ad Spend
Then (June 2020)
Now (February 2021)
Our Secret
503% revenue increase
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The Strategy

To scale top-of-the-funnel ads - which targets prospective customers - while maintaining repeat customer growth.

First thing’s first - know the product, know the game.

Customers buying food and beverages have different shopping habits than they do with other e-commerce purchases; we needed to figure out how to entice customers to purchase outside of their weekly supermarket shop.

Through lots and lots and lots of market research, we determined the exact time-frame between a customer consuming their product, to when they are ready to purchase again, which meant we were able to push ads at the exact time they were feeling...peckish.

Then came some killer creative content:

We created specific personas for each Chief product with bold visuals and tongue-in-cheek copy across every ad, which had a dual effect:

☑︎ Targeted new and different audiences for each product

 ☑︎ Developed Chief’s overarching brand identity and tone of voice

To continue campaign momentum, we regularly trialed and updated these creatives as we received real-time data to optimise results.  

The Results

Within a month, our strategy brought substantial results: From May to June 2020, Chief saw their revenue increase by 112%.

As we continued our partnership with Chief, we continued to scale our ad spend and revenue. From May 2020 to February 2021, Chief’s revenue increased by 503%.

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