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Email Marketing

Email is the underdog of the marketing world.

From acquisition to customer retention, to customer winback and user behaviour, when leveraged right email can become one of your brand’s most profitable marketing tools.

And guess what? ‘Email gurus’ is DataSauce’s middle name.
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From welcome series to retention campaigns, our email approach nurtures long-term relationships even better than couples therapy.

As a Klaviyo partner, we bring along a support system that gets you ahead with VIP updates on all things email. Talk about exclusive treatment.

We’ve been doing this email thing a while now - which means beyond knowing the software inside out, we’ve got insights and strategies a-plenty.

CRM is the missing piece of the puzzle for many brands that have mastered customer acquisition but are seeking scalable revenue growth.
Bridget Stapledon
CRM Lead
The Process

The DataSauce Flow

No two customers are the same, and our process involves figuring out not only who our customers are, but how often they shop, what discounts make them tick, and what type of relationship they want from you. Our typical process looks a bit like this:
You’re looking to create a personal connection with your customers.
Outline your goals with DS team.
We create a comprehensive CRM strategy designed to convert and scale your business.
Already have an email marketing strategy?

We analyse the whole shebang, then tell you what’s working and what’s not and provide you with recommendations on how to optimise for best results.
We design email campaign and flows for both mobile and desktop, designing content that your customers will actually want to open.

From welcome flows, to post-purchase flows, to product drops, the DataSauce designers structure email creative to reflect exactly who your brand is - and set you apart from the pack.
There’s a lot of things that can be done to continue improving your email marketing - and just like a true Fish and Chippery, we do the lot:

  • Segmenting your email database
  • Generating and nurturing leads
  • Retargeting subscribers
  • Automating flows
  • Continually consolidating email contacts
Our Expertise

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What we do

Automation is great, but it’s hardly enough. 
Connecting with your audience is what drives a successful email marketing campaign -- and we’re experts at steering our clients straight to Revenue Avenue.


Analyse, Attract, Acquire

If users visit your site once and never again, that’s just wasted potential crushing our spirits. By leveraging pop-up software and designing memorable flows, we incentivise subscription opt-ins tenfold. Signed, sealed, delivered -- these leads are all yours.


High Conversion Campaigns

We turn browsers into buyers with personalised emails that can read minds. Through audience segmentation and data integration, we can fix your brand’s (cart) abandonment issues by reminding shoppers you’re exactly what they need.


Post-Purchase Retention

Our strategies of replenishment and product upsell campaigns all exist for a reason -- to extend your customers’ lifecycles and spark a healthy addiction to your product.


Optimisation with A/B Testing

We don’t stop the hustle at retention. Like how Edison tried 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb, our consistent optimisation tests ensure that if there’s a better way to market your brand, we’ll find it - and implement it.


What's the difference between email campaigns and automated flows?

Email campaigns are your regular updates -- sent either to your full list, or qualified segments of your database.

These kinds of emails may include sale announcements, product drops, important industry updates, or educational content to communicate value propositions unique to your brand.

They're the type of emails where you’re doing the equivalent of singing from a rooftop - you want the whole world to hear what you’re saying.

Flows, however, are personalised messages with the purpose of enhancing customer retention. These emails include the welcome series after you sign-up, those helpful cart abandonment reminders, the "Happy birthday!" discount code offers, etc. Automations are triggered by contacts taking various actions on your site, allowing you to personalise your touch points with your customers.

And, by supplementing your email strategy with all these flows designed in a personalised manner, there’s a higher chance they're happier to convert.

Both are important - and we work with clients to make the most out of both.

Why should I be considering email automations for my brand?

Let’s be real. Email marketing sounds very 2001 - and not in the cool Y2K-revival way. But trust us, it’s the industry’s best / worst kept secret.

When done right, we frequently see high ROI for businesses - from increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, to building your database contacts. Trust us, there’s so much that email, SMS (and DataSauce!) can do for your brand.

How does DataSauce optimise email marketing and EDMs? 

Just call us the fishermen of EDMs - we know exactly how to reel customers in and keep them coming back for more and more and more. 

We design campaigns and EDM flows for both mobile and desktop, designing content that your customers will actually want to open. 

There’s a lot of things that can be done to continue to improve your email and EDM marketing.

- Segmenting your email database
- Retargeting subscribers
- Automating flows, and 
- Continually consolidating email contacts.

I already have email marketing for my business! Can DataSauce help? 

Absolutely - we perform email audits regularly, and can help you make minor to major changes. You can quite literally take our ideas and run.

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