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What to

Roll up, roll up. Are you ready to try and tame the beast of Digital Marketing? 

Through the Academy, you have the freedom to learn, experiment and pursue every aspect of the job.

Simply put, we’re taking the opposite route of Married at First Sight and making sure you get a trial run at everything of interest before you commit to something you love.

This has resulted in most of our team having skills across CRM, Creative, Google and Social, equipped with an entire suite of growth opportunities for brands they manage whilst still specialising in their preferred expertise.

Our 20-day program runs for 10 weeks, split into two consecutive 7.5 hour work days per week. 

“In my first day alone, I learnt as much as I would’ve over 3-4 weeks of tutorials. DataSauce prioritised my growth, and it’s hard to imagine a safer space facilitating the transition from academia to professional work.”

Meg-Mel Dean
Journalism Major turned Digital Strategy Manager
Step 1

How It Begins...

POV: You’ve just chanced upon one of our job ads.

Maybe on LinkedIn, TikTok, or the good ol’ University Careers Board, and you’ve got a resume handy with all your skills and achievements curated like an NGV exhibit.

If you’re a design student, your portfolio showcases a collection of your best work.

Your cover letter is compelling, full of personality, and tells us why digital marketing interests you alongside the contribution you’d bring to DataSauce.

Now that we’ve hinted at everything you need, why not shoot your shot? Channel that ambition, that passion, that inexhaustible charm and head to our Careers page.

Step 2

The Interview

If the industry was a dating app and your resume was an easy right swipe, we’ll make the next move and ask you out - for an interview, that is.

The first meet will be a casual get to know each other, followed by a second interview that typically consists of aptitude testing.

As much as we’d love to have everyone join the DataSauce Academy, our exponential growth also means an increasing shortage of chairs.

But there’s always room for talent and luckily, we know how to spot it.

Step 3

Choose Your Adventure

We’re all about flexibility and adapting roles along the way, but this first call can help us craft the perfect entrée to satisfy your hunger for a particular path.

Creative Internship
Not a must, but if you have a phone full of Oscars level productions, this choice could be for you. Expect lots of filming, editing and critical thinking that will translate into killer ads (per industry best practices you’ll learn!)

Media Internship
Meta, Google, Email, Shopify - You name it, this placement has it. Learn about all things eCom and bring tangible value through strategy, execution and optimisation of campaigns. And who knows? You might turn out a performance marketing whizz.

Step 4

Hypothetical Briefs

Worried about spending $100,000 in a day by accident?
Or creating an ad riddled with typos?

So are we.

Learning a new skill shouldn’t be stressful, so while your first few days will involve proper, full-fledged media buying or design, they’ll be on dummy briefs in a practice account.

But these are all shaped by real life clients, briefs and challenges to solve.

Develop a skill that grants you the power to influence where people spend their paycheck, without anxiety and with a hand to hold.

These briefs then set the stage for something bigger.

Step 5

Real Accounts

If you haven’t checked out our Case Studies, Portfolio, or homepage just yet, head on over now because these feature some of the very accounts that 1) We’re proud to work with, and 2) You’d get your hands dirty on.

After your experience with Dummy Briefs, supervisors will quickly progress to trusting you with handling Meta ad builds for brands under our agency’s care - often as fast as Day 3 of the Academy!

You’ll employ tools used by the experts and strategise campaign objectives, targeting, creatives, copy...

And once these go live, you’ll feel a sense of pride words can’t express.

Step 6

New Platforms

Google, TikTok, Pinterest, AdRoll, Klaviyo, and more...

Part of what sets DataSauce apart is the extensive range of platforms we manage. This means that wherever a brand wants to be, we’ll get them there with a comprehensive omni-channel digital strategy tackling acquisition, retention, expansion. And through our Academy, this “we” includes you.

Play the field with all these options made accessible.

If you’ve already got an inkling of what your preferences are, or if we notice some undeniable chemistry from the get-go, we’ll be your wingman and make that introduction to what might be a perfect role for you.

Step 7

Client Meetings

Internships aren’t just about acquiring technical skills that you can learn from books, tutorials, or 20 minute YouTube videos at 2x speed.

A lot of the time, they’re a peek into the “real world” of tough decisions, collaboration, and managing expectations.

We find that much of our team’s personal growth happens through face time with clients, agency partners, and each other - and our Academy ensures that such experiences are passed on to you for maximum exposure and networking.

Step 8

Hello, Employability!

Employable skillset
0-90 Days
New Job Prospects

Ready to enter your boss era?

Whether or not you choose to stay at DataSauce - like how 84% of our workforce found their careers, the Academy guarantees you’ll graduate with HD level skills, experiences, insights and contacts regardless.

Stand out from others who list similar credentials on paper, and perhaps gain a bit more love for those ads that show during your bedtime scrolls.

Check out the positions available here!

“DataSauce’s partnership with RMIT has provided students with a program that aims to challenge, excite and mentor in a supportive environment that can follow an offer for ongoing, professional employment.”

Laetitia Shand
RMIT - Manager L&T Partnerships, WIL
rmit university logo

I’ve always had a fascination with people and all their weird and wacky quirks, so it’s not a huge stretch to go from researching crime to shopping habits.

Siann Nutting
Criminologist turned Digital Strategy Manager
siann image academy

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