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Be an early-adopter of TikTok advertising

There’s a reason why TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform - and we’ve got the secret sauce to harness its power for your business.

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Paid Search
Paid Social
Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Data Science
Paid Search
Paid Social
Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Data Science

Our team of savvy media buyers make every dollar count to optimise budgets and deliver high returns.

Staying on top of TikTok trends is a full-time job - luckily our team are always in touch with what's hot and what's not within your target audience.

As a TikTok Agency Partner, we’re plugged in with the latest and greatest best practices for campaign structure and management.

With a 15% higher engagement rate than any other app, TikTok is no longer niche - and we’re not here to just jump on a trend.

Mika Wheatley
Digital Strategy Manager

Over 1 billion users opening the app 8 times a day - and that’s just the beginning...

Highly interested and actively engaged, TikTok users are the best kind of audience to be reaching. By creating memorable content and target distribution, we’re passionate about developing TikTok into businesses’ marketing strategies.

What We Do

The data doesn’t lie... everyone's on TikTok (and you should be too)

  • There's 1 billion monthly users...
  • Who open TikTok 8 times per day (on average)...
  • And spend the most time on the app than any other social channel

What’s different about TikTok ads?

  • They’re both high volume and low cost
  • With a 15% higher engagement rate than any other social channel
  • And are 40% more memorable than TV ads


We find out where clients best fit on TIkTok through savvy market analysis:
  • Competitor Research
  • Trend Cycle Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Interest Targeting
  • 1st Party Data Analysis


We create enticing, results-driven visuals, backed by data:
  • Topview Ads
  • In-feed Ads
  • Organic Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges


We automate campaigns and then optimise based off the data we receive:
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Targeted Distribution
  • Audience Optimisation
Organic Views
Marketing isn’t static, and neither are we.
Organic Views
Organic Views

What We Do

With the sheer amount of content created every second, we know how to make your ads memorable.


Campaign Structures

The root of your campaign’s success is in its structure. We masterfully set up your campaigns to get the best results, so you can be sure that your budget is being spent effectively.


Harnessing Audio & Visual Trends

TikTok places a huge emphasis on audio and visual trends. Success on the platform can be heavily reliant on the creator's ability to understand and follow these trends. Lucky for you, we know exactly how to do that.


Targeted Distribution

With 1 billion monthly users, it’s not just about standing out from the crowd - you need to be reaching the right crowd too. We make reaching your target audience a piece of cake with our insights.


Developing Brand Identity

Authenticity and purpose are the pillars to building a strong presence on any social channel, and TikTok is no exception. We work closely with our clients to create content that is reflective of their identity with our clients to create content that is reflective of their identity.

Case Studies

What has 8 years and over $200M in ad-spend gotten our clients?

Trusted By Trusted Brands

Mister Zimi
Mister Zimi
Mister Zimi
Mister Zimi
Mister Zimi
Mister Zimi


Why should my business use TikTok ads?

It shouldn’t be a question of if, but rather a question of when - with 1 billion users and a title as the world's fastest growing app, it’s important to begin establishing your TikTok presence ASAP.

As it’s a relatively new platform, there’s not a whole lot of competition, which means ads are comparatively cheaper than other social channels. Cheaper ads? More eyeballs with the same budget. Booh yeah.

Considering how rapidly it’s growing, this definitely won’t last - establishing your brand presence on the app while it’s not so crowded is a very smart business move.  

The clock’s TikToking...

How do TikTok ads reach audiences?

What’s cool about TikTok ads is that there are two ways of reaching audiences: TikTok ads feed into the app’s organic algorithm - so they’re pushed out to the users’ feeds who would naturally engage with your content; as well as the deliberate distribution that DataSauce does through strategic audience targeting.

How much do TikTok ads cost?

Don’t hate us for the age-old retort - but how long’s a piece of string? Ad cost is influenced by your ad objective, bidding strategy, audiences, industry, and ad formats. As an agency, we work closely with our clients to understand their budget and goals to develop a strategy that gets the most bang for their buck.

How does DataSauce make TikTok ads effective?

TikTok users are ready to discover and try new things, making them receptive to watching and engaging with ads that appear alongside organic non-paid content.

We work closely with brands to create content that’s both reflective of their identity and also authentic, while harnessing current trends that their target audience are engaging with.

How does DataSauce set up TikTok advertising for our business?

From start to finish, we set up, manage and optimise TikTok campaigns for your business.

From setting-up campaign objectives, creating ad groups, choosing placement and specifying target audiences, and tracking across channels; we create, monitor and optimise your campaigns to the highest of qualities.

How does DataSauce manage TikTok ads campaigns?

Like search ads or other social ads, we monitor your campaign progress in TikTok's Ads Manager, adjusting budgets and targets as needed. We report these findings back to our clients - and we don’t just look at one channel, but rather gather data across social channels to see the full picture, and how we can complement our ad campaigns across every channel.

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