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130+ B2B leads generated per month

With a goal of driving lead submissions from wholesale prospects, we implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy to direct B2B leads to flower wholesaler, Dandy Fresh.

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The Strategy

A good Google ads campaign is like a good floral bouquet-  it’s all about the arrangement.

To do this, we developed a comprehensive structure of keywords relevant to the wholesale flower market. This was complemented with corresponding ad copy to ensure ads were relevant to individual searchers within the target market.

This strategy enabled us to communicate Dandy Fresh’s offerings and USPs to their target market, with the purpose of driving enquiries.

Combining a strong ad campaign with our understanding of consumer trends and market behaviour, we used data to capitalise on an increase in 'preserved flower' web searches, converting pandemic-fuelled search demands into business leads.

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The Results

Our campaigns shined brighter than a sunflower on a sunny day.

Across the last 12 months, we delivered an average of 138 qualified leads per month.

Our Google Ads strategy continues to drive new leads for Dandy Fresh Market Blooms by presenting highly relevant ads to targeted searchers on an evergreen basis.

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