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1539% increase in website traffic

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Dulux Avista wanted to increase lead generation submissions and overall website traffic. And we said: hey, we got you.

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The Strategy

The angle for this account was knowing our starting point -  Dulux Avista needed to ramp up their digital presence, so this became our core strategy. Our aim was to generate cold traffic with ads across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google.

Then we got specific and developed a range of techniques to broaden and enhance our impact across these sites.  

So what happened?

Our strategy was generating so many leads Dulux Avista couldn’t keep up with the demand, so we had to turn the ads off.

If we were the bragging kind we’d probably drop the mic and walk away - but that’s just not us.


How We Did It

  • Designed creative content that was relevant to Pinterest, directed to the home renovation crowd, encouraging users to “pin” photos. This accelerated organic traffic from our target audience.
  • Wrote long-form advertorials that were informative to our target audience, promoted Dulux Avista’s brand, and developed brand identity.
  • Repurposed content to reach different audiences.
  • Analysed and used online trends, such as polls, to engage different users.
  • Remarketed and retargeted once customers were familiar with the brand.
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Paid Socials
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