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1.96 MER turned 5.74 in first two months

Media efficiency is quite literally the gateway to every other growth opportunity for any eCommerce business - and this case study proves just that.

What began as a handful of humble cushions, Hommey set their sights on evolving into the highly coveted lifestyle brand known and loved by interior design magazines today.

We matched their infectiously ambitious energy with omnipresent EDM, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest and SMS ads to help them get there.

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Our Partnership Highlights

  • 165.6% ad revenue increase within first month
  • 229% increase in total sales after the first quarter
  • Launched first BF/CM campaign in November 2021, which became Hommey’s biggest month to date with a 68% MoM increase in total orders, and 27.6% return customer rate.

The Strategy

Be everywhere.

Taking over Hommey’s social ads meant creating a full funnel strategy that offered personalised messaging across all audience segments. Sure, we’re privy to the fact that some demographics are more profitable than others, but as per our office culture, no one gets left behind.

Across TOFU, MOFU and BOFU campaigns, we applied our super secret sauce into creative, copy and channel selection to ensure consistently high CTRs at low CPCs.

Optimisations are a daily affair, and the second you drop a new product range like Hommey did with their Alias Mae collaboration slides, it’s all hands on deck.

hommey 2

SMS campaigns brought Hommey cushions to the forefront of warm audiences’ minds - proving a real force to be reckoned with after a Black Friday sale ROAS of 44.

At the same time, our EDM expertise of automation, managing CRM strategies, audience segmentation and improving both open and click rate with thumb-stopping creatives, nurtured long-term customer relationships beyond the honeymoon period.

Exclusive deals and consistent communication kept the love alive, generating thousands in revenue from a single email during the BF/CM week.

Being able to pull data across every channel meant we could ensure that Hommey’s email campaigns were always informed, never arbitrary - and practically telepathic.

hommey 2

We optimised with learnings from paid search which influenced our social campaigns, which shaped our EDM strategies, which re-informed our decisions over socials and… well, you get the picture.

Then, like every good TV show crossover, we collabed.

Working with Hommey’s branding agency brought two great visions together, as they provided extra creative genius and product insights to complement our digital expertise.

One of our favourite things about these partnerships is being able to merge ideas together. As their agency is internationally based, we were able to develop a global perspective and build a network of talented individuals with a shared purpose of supporting Hommey’s success.

Biggest Takeaway

Paid socials and search can be powerful enough, but never underestimate EDM done right.

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