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656% increase in YoY revenue attributed to top performing email campaign.

For their brand’s 4th birthday, Life of Colour ran a four hour flash sale with 40% sitewide discounts.

Despite the very limited time offering, we generated record-breaking sales – heavily attributed to a single email and SMS campaign.

The Problem:

Leading up to the big eComm November, Life of Colour wanted to get in quick with a celebratory promotion before other brands began BFCM sales. 

The arts supplies brand was turning four on the 11th of November, and (at the same time) co-founder Richard celebrated his 44th!

So, we hatched a flash sale campaign: 40% off sitewide for just 4 hours, on 11/11 which made for a quick, cost-effective strategy that could:

  • Drive sales while aiding in stock clearance
  • Conserve budget for their main BFCM event to come
  • Harness the power of Life of Colour’s art community, all while ensuring that the brand’s profit margins wouldn’t be jeopardised for too long

Fully exclusive, it was a sale only offered to their email database, Facebook group, and Instagram followers – which you’d think might be a huge risk due to limited audience reach, limited timeframe, and limited budget.

Spoiler: It was instead a huge success.

The Solution:

To build Life of Colour’s contacts in time for their biggest sale of the year, we ran Meta Lead Generation campaigns designed to entice art lovers.

Only new prospects, of course!

It’s important to note that since the brand’s inception, co-founder Jodi has worked tirelessly with content contributors to build up their colourful community (till it’s pretty much an extended family!) for thousands of hours. 

Another reason to acquire heaps more eyes on their work to come…

Collecting these leads supplemented the already strong foundation Life of Colour’s mailing list had, and the next step was prepping the CRM strategy itself. Now, get ready to be gobsmacked.

The 11th of November was a Friday.

And a deliberate decision was made to activate this sale from 12pm to 4pm sharp (working hours, if you haven’t yet connected the dots!)

But this didn’t stop the Life of Colour community from setting their alarms, turning on their notifications, and getting their wallets ready for the four hour opportunity.

“While we’ve always known that Life of Colour has an exceptionally hyper-engaged audience – which gave us the confidence to run this campaign to begin with – the results were unprecedented. It was also the appeal of such a novel event and offer that sealed the deal, and a win like this highlights the necessity of building real relationships with your customers.”

Bridget Stapledon, CRM Specialist

Throughout the design process, every element of the email was incorporated with intent.

Personalisation and segmentation are the bread and butter of CRM, and we like to think we’ve got that down pat.

When addressing your audience, think about how you like to be treated.

How many times have you opened an email because it called out to you by your first name in the subject line?

And how many ‘generic’ looking Black Friday emails have you bulk deleted?

It’s a great feeling when people remember little details about you in real life.

Emails shouldn’t be any different, and it’s how we made sure open rates stayed well above benchmark – to then get eyes on the content we’ve all worked hard to create. 

From a design standpoint, we adhered to Life of Colour’s brand guidelines whilst pushing as many categories of products in the most concise way.

Including bundles, art boxes, latest launches and more, this saw our AOV for 11/11 increase despite usual expectations of a dip once sale items become significantly cheaper. 

Customers took the opportunity to buy more in quantity, with Richard even packing an 11kg art box! Totally apt for an 11/11 event…

And in terms of messaging?

Knowing that one major appeal of small businesses is the intimate relationship between customers and the owners themselves, the 11/11 email was written from the perspective of Jodi and Richard – closing with a heartfelt thanks for being part of the family.

The Results:

  • 656% increase in YoY revenue attributed to a single email campaign, compared against the best performing email from BFCM ‘21.
  • 170% increase in click rate, compared to Avg. BAU campaigns.
  • Whopping MER of 134.28 on 11th November, and MER of 24.96 WoW.
  • 61% of total sales generated through CRM.
  • Achieved revenue figures more than double the sales targets set.

Having realised the impact of community (tying in with returning customer rates and lifetime value), our MOFU segments were revealed to be core revenue drivers which promised a tireless cycle of purchases due to art supplies’ constant demand and the brand’s growing range.

Through this sale alone, over 10% of Life of Colour’s online communities were activated – and it’s a beautiful thing to see browsers turn into action-takers.

As Klaviyo Platinum Master partners, we’ve mastered the art of CRM.

That includes SMS, and for Life of Colour’s 11/11 sale, SMS generated 17% of total revenue in an immensely time and cost efficient way.

Interested in getting similar wins of your own? Get in touch now.

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Email / CRM
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