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Metro Baby

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600% increase 

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The Strategy

Our plan of action was to optimise a range of Google Ad tools to create a multi-layered and strongly structured SEM campaign.

We started - as we always do - with research. Our team comprehensively tested keywords, cross-analysing them against competitors until we found the most effective set to target Metro Baby’s ideal audience.

Next, we developed a granular structure which segmented our campaign’s performance, so we could really hone in and make informed decisions on very specific metrics.

Time to shop: we took the guesswork out of which ads would perform the best by using Google’s Smart Shopping Campaign. Enhanced by automated bid strategies, which we used to get the maximum conversion rates possible.

Which segues nicely into our next element: we budgeted! This meant we could get the most traffic possible by pacing ourselves (marathon, not a sprint, you know).

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The Tools

Comprehensive keyword research & granular campaign structure to ensure maximum Quality Scores.

Smart Shopping Campaign relying on Google’s automated bid strategy.

Clever budget pacing strategy to squeeze maximum traffic out of the budget.

The Results

  • ROAS increased by 600%
  • Transactions increased by 433%
  • AOV increased by 21%
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