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Mister Zimi

Paid Search

726% increase in paid search
revenue within first quarter

When Mister Zimi first came on board, the brand’s marketing strategy was already investing heavily in social media.

Yet, correlation between spend and returns was less than ideal, and their acquisition of new customers was low.‍

As this well-known Byron Bay designed women’s resort-wear brand had an exciting goal to penetrate new countries, they needed a plan.

Our initial audits revealed a ton of quick wins in the SEM space, and called for the restructure of a more comprehensive, cohesive Paid Search strategy (including building many missing core campaigns!)

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The Solution

As with all new clients, our audit of Mister Zimi’s Google Ads set-up involved:

  • Identifying what was working well so we could do more of it.
  • Pinpointing unique challenges in the campaigns to work on.
  • Formulating a plan of attack to drive better results and revenue.

Three major issues stood out at first glance and fortunately, our ultra talented Head of Search had these hot tips and proposals up his sleeve.

“Our plan of attack always begins with getting the fundamentals right. For Mister Zimi, improving Keyword Quality Scores through restructuring core Generic Campaigns was the first action we took, which itself led to quick uplifts in results.”

Kento Nishimatsu
Head of Search, DataSauce

Keyword Quality Scores

High quality scores can dramatically reduce CPCs and drive more high-value traffic to ultimately achieve a higher ROAS, and improving Mister Zimi’s keyword quality was our top priority.

Relevance is a major green flag to Google when its algorithm evaluates ad quality, so our experts made sure all ad groups were organised in an incredibly concise, granular fashion to then improve every metric associated with this crucial factor.

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Brand Campaign

When the pandemic hit Australia, Mister Zimi paused branded campaigns entirely.

This made room for other competitor brands to target “Mister Zimi” related keywords in their search campaigns, and our foremost and easiest implementation was to fight back.

If you’ve already got strong brand awareness (like Mister Zimi does) to work with, brand campaigns are valuable because they prevent others in the space from stealing traffic you should – in theory – have in the bag.

Imagine if shoppers enter your brand name into Google with intent to purchase, but your competitors are the ones bidding on your search term, they can snatch your top spot in the results… Then take your customers, too!

DSA Campaign

Dynamic search campaigns capture all the prospective users that other campaigns miss.

So, we introduced a DSA campaign to ensure Mister Zimi caught all relevant searches that might otherwise slip through.

To supplement this, we also restructured and optimised existing Shopping campaigns, and undertook comprehensive keyword expansion as part of our overhaul of the account’s Generic Search build.

master zimi 3

The Results

  • Paid search revenue increased 726% when compared against the previous quarter.
  • Organic search revenue grew 2% over the same timeframe, suggesting that paid activity did not cannibalise organic searches and instead, synergised to acquire optimum value.
  • Paid search contributed to 85% of total revenue growth.

Most agencies approach SEM very similarly, but the DataSauce difference entails our own set of best practices that tie in with a carefully considered, bespoke strategy made for each business.

When you have a Head of Search like Kento, who has followed Google’s evolution over the last 15 years of his career, you get an agency equipped with such a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the search engine that many fresh-faced SEM marketers lack.

In Mister Zimi’s case, it was immediately apparent that several high impact things were not being done right, which created astronomical opportunities to capitalise on.

From tactical audits to meticulous keyword research, knowing the ins and outs of Google truly is our secret sauce!

Keen to achieve similar results for your brand, or discover what low-hanging fruits might be lurking within your account? Reach out to DataSauce today, and our team of SEM experts can help dive in with an audit, insider tips, and uncover bespoke strategies fit for your brand specifically.

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