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Restaurant Equipment

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One of our B2B clients, Restaurant Equipment, had a very straightforward goal - increase both online & offline sales. We gave them a straightforward return (literally).
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Our Secret
34% YoY revenue increase
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The Brief

When we started working with one of our B2B clients, Restaurant Equipment, they had a very straightforward goal increase both online & offline sales. 

To make this goal a reality, we focused heavily on optimising their already-running GoogleAds campaign. 

With Google Ads, it’s all about how you construct your campaign, and we like to think of ourselves as the architects of Google Ads. Just call us Frank Loyd Wright. 

The Strategy

First, we built and reorganised keywords, and then we built and reorganised ad groups. By doing so, it meant we could diversify Restaurant Equipment’s traffic, while also setting the account up for scale - because it’s all about growth, after all. 

We consolidated 20+ campaigns into 5, for clearer visibility on performance.

Finally, we implemented an offline revenue tracking solution using CallRail to gain SEM impact on offline sales. 

The Result

34% YoY increase in revenue in 2021. 

Straight-forward goal, detailed + highly-structured strategy, and a straight-forward result. 

That’s a bit of a booh-yeah, if you ask us.

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