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329% YoY increase in total BFCM revenue.

Ever since Robot Specialist – Australia’s largest robot vacuum retailer – came aboard the DataSauce train, our partnership has been characterised by consistent and exponential growth.

When we look back on how much revenue we now generate MoM, it’s 24 times more than where we first began in early 2020.

All through the power of Paid Media.

Whether or not you’re a business in the eCom space (or just a customer hungry for crazy deals), everyone knows Black Friday period is the prime time to tick things off your wishlist.

For many of our clients, November was a month of pushing boundaries together – and with our long-term client Robot Specialist, the results of our shared effort were extraordinary.

As a relatively new brand back in 2020, performance coming out of this year’s BFCM was a testament to how far Robot Specialist has come.

Having surpassed all KPI targets set, it’s given our client the confidence to aim higher and spend bolder. Especially since our track record has revealed that each time we push to scale, the sales directly correlate.

But for now, we’ll let these YoY figures speak for themselves.

The Results

  • 329% YoY increase in total BFCM revenue, securing seven figures. 
  • From 2020 to 2022, total revenue increased 380% for November alone.
  • From 2021 to 2022, November revenue increased again by 126% YoY.
  • MER of 12.3 in November – including Meta ROAS of 14, Google ROAS of 9.7, and a Bing ROAS of 8.1 (after only two months of jumping on this additional search engine)
  • 87% increase in YoY returning customer rate.

Comparing 2022 performance against the year prior, total YTD revenue increased by 107% when we look at changes over this timeframe in 2021.

The Solution

From Meta to Google to AdRoll to Bing, the success of our partnership is in part, thanks to how receptive our client has been to new ideas in this quickly evolving world of marketing.

With our omnichannel expertise, DataSauce championed the synergising of all these moving parts into one cohesive whole that sought to maximise potential from multiple revenue streams.

“This is a win for everyone involved and everyone played a part in this moment. It isn’t the work that was put in over the past couple of months, it was the work that was put in over the past couple of years. Compared against the day I walked through the doors of DataSauce, we’re now averaging a monthly revenue 24 times more than where we began.”
Nathan Spitalnic, Robot Specialist

And as we always say, paid media strategies should never be stagnant – especially as Meta and Google frequently roll out new products guided by the latest AI technologies and algorithms. 

So, during BFCM, our existing SEM structure was further supplemented by discount callouts, sitelinks, sale extensions and Google Merchant Centre promotions implementations. 

The team’s openness to our creative guidance meant greater insights that contributed to higher converting media strategies across the board. 

Managing their migration to Klaviyo played a pivotal role in their CRM wins throughout November, accounting for 14.5% of BFCM revenue. 

If we compare this against last year’s total BFCM sales, our 2022 BFCM Klaviyo revenue would already account for 61.2% of last year's overall BFCM revenue. 14.5% versus 61.2% – You do the maths… How good?! 

Prior to our involvement, Robot Specialist’s email activity comprised only of ad hoc campaigns with no active flows working to nurture their database.

Now, QoQ data reveals that our new flows account for 75% of Klaviyo attributed revenue. 

We worked together to design, segment and automate new flows tailored specifically to the brand’s audience (incl. Okendo Reviews, Replenishment, Browse Abandonment, etc.) – and subsequently saw an uplift in returning customer rates within the first month of activation.

Future planning has already begun for BFCM ‘23, with Robot Specialist communicating an even more exciting and ambitious goal three times higher than their targets this year. Impossible? Absolutely not. 

This partnership hasn’t just done it once, twice but three times.

And with a growing suite of services, we anticipate that we’ll be even more equipped to hit those goals again.

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