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5.98 ROAS from cold audiences

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The Strategy

When we find the right influencer which aligns to a client’s brand, it can be an incredibly effective tool to engage with cold and warm audiences.

This is what we did with iconic Melbourne coffee company, ST. ALi. A coffee influencer and latte art champion, with over 66K followers on Instagram, has been a global ambassador for ST. ALi for over 6 years.

Like coffee with a croissant, this partnership was a perfect pairing to create an influencer ad campaign.

We connected Shinsaku’s Instagram page to ST. ALi's Facebook ad account, and instead of advertising directly from ST. ALi, we advertised from his account, which allowed us to reach both cold and warm audiences.

Why did this work? We knew that advertising products from an established, and trustworthy influencer within the coffee business, who also had strong engagement with his followers would match ST. ALi’s ethos and image, and the proof was in the results:

stali 2

The Results

ST. ALi ads from Shinsaku’s account saw a 5.98 ROAS from cold audiences, and a 5.74 ROAS from warm audiences.

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