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If you’re ready to discover the world's most advanced sportswear, our client 2XU is making massive strides in this space -- far ahead of competitors.

With eCom working alongside their brick and mortar stores, marketing strategies for 2XU prove extra elaborate, which means needing creative assets that balance both aesthetics and clarity of messaging.

How To Sell A Sale

Having hundreds of campaigns planned in a year, 2XU needed to make sure all their channels and strategies worked in tandem. Fortunately, DataSauce’s omni-channel approach meant we had eyes on every avenue.

(2XU Static Meta Ad by DataSauce)

Social Ads

Videos, Statics, GIFs

In this competitive eCom world, we experimented with various styles and ad formats that best communicated sale messaging without blending into the crowd nor falling into the ranks of “just another X% off” discount.

If you’re a customer watching a DataSauce ad, know that what you’re seeing has gone through: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and heaps of other touchpoints.

(2XU EDM by DataSauce)

CRM that Complements

Our email creatives then had to be consistent with associated ads, as 2XU’s existing database needed to clearly distinguish its branded content from other campaigns and competitors.

Apart from all the technicalities involved in any Klaviyo upload, we managed the design of EDM headers, footers, banners -- which made for stylistic coherence across 2XU’s digital presence in a way that converts.

(2XU Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

Made For Your Brand

Even within the same vertical, no two brands are alike.

Before delving into the design process for any business, we keep your overarching message and values at our core. Beyond just brand guidelines (which are a given, of course), every creative decision is made with intent. Copy? Font? Colour? Elements? Dimensions? Cohesion is always key.

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