(Balense At Home Edition - Facial Kit)

High performance skincare deserves high performance media strategies, and our partnership with Balense had the perfect balance of data-driven insights and creativity.

Beyond Paid Media

Whilst our core creative offerings tend to surround assets for paid channels like Meta, CRM or TikTok, we pride ourselves on being a full-service agency. And that’s why when Balense reached out to us about managing their organic Instagram content, we accepted that challenge.

(Balense EDM by DataSauce)

39% of Total Revenue

Generated via Email

After we jumped in to undertake a complete overhaul of Balense’s campaign and flow designs, results skyrocketed almost instantly. Never underestimate the power of a visually engaging email, because from there forward, CRM became a primary source of revenue for the brand -- accounting for 39% of total sales each month.

(Balense Organic Socials by DataSauce)

Grew size of Balense’s email database by 60%

The powers of email wouldn’t be as potent if the number of recipients stayed the same.

So, via recurring Lead Gen competitions over both paid and organic means, we helped Balense grow their Klaviyo database by the thousands.

Our design team carefully curated 21 posts made via Photoshop that kept brand guidelines in mind, but still prioritised a broader objective with an elevated feel.

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