Glow Dreaming

Glow Dreaming
(Glow Dreaming Premium Bundle)

If the sound of little ones crying is familiar in your home, Glow Dreaming might be the life-saver you need. For over two years, we’ve worked with Glow Dreaming, a 5-in-1 sleep aid that’s helped 200,000 families around the world with their scientifically engineered solution.

Designed always with intent, the DataSauce creative team has worked on the brand’s Paid Social ads to achieve incredible, consistently improving CTRs.

Our Storytelling Method

Evoking emotion and inspiring action are two key factors that drive our tried and tested creative strategy, as connecting with customers is the first step to motivating any eCom purchase.

Glow Dreaming
(Glow Dreaming Meta Ads by DataSauce)

Increased CTRs by 135%

And 71% lower CPCs

The Meta universe is a competitive space -- and standing out from others in a similar vertical is paramount. Creative counts, and metrics like CTRs are how we know Glow Dreaming ads hook and spark interest.

Glow Dreaming
(Glow Dreaming Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

A Problem Solving Angle

By spotlighting the problem (with text, visuals and most importantly, the jarring sound of a baby’s wail) from the get-go, our creatives delivered relevance to viewers by ensuring they felt like their concerns were heard.

A distressed baby was the perfect hook, capturing attention before leading into the rest of the ad -- where Glow Dreaming became a knight in shining armour solution, coupled with social proofing and a call to action.

Glow Dreaming
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