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Emails from jnr.life might be the best you’ll ever received, baby. A brand of premium play equipment made for stylish interiors, any design for jnr.life has to promise class and sophistication.

Much like how their playmats and playsets beautify homes, our flows and campaigns for this design-conscious brand spruce up any inbox the same way.

CRM that Connects

With products that benefit both mums and little ones, our emails for jnr.life had to convey a vision and mission instead of being stereotypically ‘salesy’.

(jnr.life EDM by DataSauce)

Boosted Click Rates

Bye-Bye ‘Shop Now’

From imagery that resonates to copy that sparks emotion, our CRM and Creative team worked hand-in-hand to ensure that every EDM sent out was:
1) Easy to navigate, and 2) Even easier on the eyes.

Thanks to the stylistic input from jnr.life themselves, we also moved away from all too overused CTAs like “Shop Now” -- boosting interaction as a result.

(jnr.life EDM by DataSauce)

Core Acquisition & Retention Flows

Ask our clients, and they’ll agree that having a full suite of email flows is an exemplary moneymaker.

With jnr.life, we put in great love and effort into copywriting and designing of automations, creating 10+ always-on emails that help our client acquire better customers AND retain existing ones.

All while staying true to stunning brand guidelines.

(jnr.life EDM by DataSauce)

The Power of Visuals

Now and then, we come across a misconception that branding and prioritising ‘aesthetics’ is secondary in running an eCom business, for the product or the offer ought to take centre stage. But as the tides of digital marketing turn, you’ll know this isn’t true.

Beyond CRM, even Meta has been preaching the importance of creative. But back to emails, keeping jnr.life’s visuals at the heart of our designs establish the brand as one of premium quality, style, and reliability.

In short? All of jnr.life’s values made tangible.

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