(Karst Hardcover Notebook A5)

Knowing the ‘who’ (aka. target audiences) and ‘what’ (aka. USPs) of selling a product is important, but so is finding how best to do it.

With Karst, a sustainable brand of stone paper notebooks, we needed a way to showcase their million and one selling points -- including (but not limited to) non-toxic production, friction-free writing, as well as paper that is 100% waterproof.

Turning to Tiktok

Our 2.5 years with Karst was all about innovative thinking. We jumped on the fastest growing channel, TikTok, and ran content both organically and paid. It then progressed into a viral series, which users loved and actively participated in.

(Karst TikTok by DataSauce)

Over 1.6M Views

7.4M seconds watch time!

We first made sure that all content aligned with the look and feel of the platform.

‘Ad-style’ creatives are a thing of the past when it comes to TikTok, and by being native to the app, Karst’s videos gained traction fast to achieve low CPMs -- increasing budget efficiency in a time where advertising costs rise quick and often.

(Karst TikTok by DataSauce)

Our Editing Process

From storyboarding to filming to editing, we offered a full-service approach to Karst.

After Effects is always our first stop in making sure that all footage is quality checked and visually exceptional, before moving on to customisations on TikTok. Using the app, we then added trending sounds and the iconic font we now know and love, creating remixes and incorporating automated voiceovers.

These elements made for 100% native ads for the 100% tree-free notebooks, and generated us click after click.

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