(ST. ALi Awesome Foursome Pack)

Even the simplest of ads can bring magic to the table if they align with the principles of our DataSauce Storytelling method.

You’re probably wondering why ST. ALi, such a renowned coffee roasters, ran ads for a Hemp Knit & Copper Face Mask. Well, in the midst of an unprecendeted pandemic era, businesses needed to adopt and adapt. ST. ALi was no exception, and what could be more apt than such a necessity?

USPs Focused

From sustainable manufacturing to its high quality protection, we made sure ST. ALi mask ads resonated with the world’s most pressing concerns. After all, once you problem-solve, products tend to sell itself.

(St. ALi Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

More Key Elements?

Hands, Hands, Hands

One underrated trick we like to recommend is incorporating hands (i.e. demonstrating the product in action over mere stagnance on screen).

You’ll be surprised at how much this impacts engagement, maybe because viewers now feel an added ‘truth’ to the ad when hands like their own experience its value... The human mind, huh!

(St. ALi Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

Launching New Products

But this example of ST. ALi also demonstrates how, from both a creative and strategic standpoint, helping your brand expand and launch new product offerings is something DataSauce can do.

Even if you’ve established market share in a particular vertical -- like how ST. ALi is such a notable player in the coffee scene, we’ll ideate the best ways for your show stopping entry into wherever else you’d like to be.

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