(Timebirds™ Sonic)

You can’t smash your PBs if you smash your phone in the gym. Our client, Timebirds, is changing the fitness game with their innovative workout timer - a premium product that breaks the limitations of wall-mounted gym timers and the functionality issues of wearables and phones.

Engineered for all sports, training and skill levels, Timebirds needed a bank of ads tailored to all these personas and demographics as well -- so naturally, we made them.

The DataSauce Difference

We provided Timebirds with our entire suite of creative services, giving the DataSauce treatment to their CRM, Static and Video content (including TikTok!)

(Timebirds Static Meta Ad by DataSauce)

6.3 ROAS at TOFU

Static Ads

PR that pops was our focus when it came to designing static ads, as Timebirds needed a thumbstopping way to showcase the long list of testimonials their timers had.

Using branded colours and fonts, our ads became a real source of credibility -- performing even at top of funnel where typically costly customer acquisitions take place.

(Timebirds Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

Motion Graphics Ads

While Meta ads featuring a blend of high-quality content and UGC testimonials give us goal-smashing results, everyone knows that a good TikTok strategy has to be different.

To mirror styles of content native to the app, UGC was the way to go. And not just personable, relatable content from reliable creators, but trends like unboxing and fast-paced motion graphic ads that align with the energy Timebirds exudes.

Our team storyboarded, filmed and edited everything the brand published. Organic and paid.

(Timebirds EDM by DataSauce)

CRM that Converts

Our full-suite automation and campaign strategy for Timebirds made sure each unique customer is spoken to at every stage of their purchase journey.

From the most loyal of followers to those new to the brand, we managed both email flows and campaigns -- incorporating qualitative data and insights (as well as our expert team’s CRM knowledge!)

We designed entire email flows, brainstormed messaging angles, wrote copy, and undertook full technical implementation of Timebirds’ email presence.

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