Tiny Tonics

Tiny Tonics
(Tiny Tonics Clear Quartz)

Of essential oils and crystals, we’re of the opinion that any self-healing journey could do with some Tiny Tonics -- a client we’ve now worked with for years.

Whilst the business supported heaps of Aussie mums through the highs and lows of motherhood, DataSauce supported Tiny Tonics through all things Paid Media. And this included creatives for Facebook, Instagram and AdRoll, as well as branded email designs.

Not just pretty...

Creatives that work aren’t just about the aesthetic. Tiny Tonics saw an uplift in sales through our partnership, with all these strategies working together.

Tiny Tonics
(Tiny Tonics Video Meta Ad by DataSauce)

3.37% CTR; $0.36 CPCs

The Power of UGC

Not to be overzealous, but the powers of UGC truly are unparalleled. For context, the average CTR across all industries sits at 0.9% based on recent research, and 1% often makes for a healthy benchmark to aim towards. Using UGC with Tiny Tonics, this was hardly a challenge.

Tiny Tonics
(Tiny Tonics Static Meta Ad by DataSauce)

Branded Ads

But beyond sourcing content creators for their authentic, reliable take on Tiny Tonics’ products, we know the importance of having an extensive bank of content -- and turned to good ‘ol Photoshop to make sure our strategies on Meta never crumble at the mercy of creative fatigue.

Our ads kept branding at the forefront of the design process, yet kept a problem-solving angle through emphasising a range of products and their benefits.

Tiny Tonics
(Tiny Tonics EDM by DataSauce)

EDM Designs

From campaigns to flows, every Tiny Tonics email that populates recipients’ inboxes go through various touchpoints -- from Photoshop to Figma onto Klaviyo. No matter the content communicated (e.g. educational blogs, offers, sales optimised campaigns), DataSauce ensured that unique brand guidelines are always adhered to, for an enjoyable read both visually and content-wise.

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