Life as a DataSauce Digital Assistant

Even 6,080km couldn’t derail a DataSauce internship. Meg-Mel runs us through her intern experience at DataSauce (from Singapore no less!)
Meg-Mel Dean
June 5, 2022
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Even 6,080km couldn’t derail a DataSauce digital Marketing internship...

I may not have years of varied internship experiences under my belt to substantiate this claim, but I’ll say it regardless: All other placements pale in comparison to working at DataSauce. Not because of specific perks or the boosting of your CV – which most opportunities equally provide – but because of an exceptional culture and people reminiscent of the vibes in a comfort TV sitcom. Filled to the brim with talent, support, inside jokes and (if I’m being unabashedly honest) a very attractive team, the DataSauce difference is palpable from your first day…

And I got all that through a screen.

Thanks to our new, super uncool friend: The Pandemic, I was stuck in Singapore throughout the course of my internship. From June to August, I became the willing guinea pig of DataSauce’s first offshore, newly revamped internship program. Literally no testimonial gets more reliable than this. 

Let’s talk interview:

Unlike others I’ve done, the interview process at DataSauce was significantly different. Right on the spot, I was asked to do an aptitude test (while screen-sharing) and my answers were reviewed after. We analysed my thought processes in a way that identified personal strengths, albeit intimidatingly given the complete lack of forewarning. Nonetheless, an interview like that gave DataSauce an air of professionalism. It was well-organised, interesting, and not at all slipshod – a sneak peek of my experience to come because DataSauce always puts in the effort.

Whether it’s helping you grow, learn or assimilate into their family, interns are so appreciated here, and it’s hard to imagine a safer space facilitating one’s transition from academia to professional work. 

Let’s talk onboarding:

There was no one moment I felt lost nor confused. Weeks before the commencement of my formal internship, expectations were already laid out for me alongside certain tools and platforms (e.g. Slack, Productive, Facebook Blueprint) which enabled developmental opportunities from the get-go. Poppy, DataSauce’s brilliant Operations Coordinator, equipped me with every resource I’d need, and such a smooth onboarding experience truly makes you rethink the possibilities of remote programs.

I knew where to go for help, advice, or just a quick chat, and thoroughly understood all my tasks and position. They even properly introduced me to the team and office via the unparalleled powers of Google Meet, and if I could further applaud DataSauce’s efficiency and dedication, I would.

Let’s talk first week:

In my first day alone, I learnt as much as I would’ve over 3-4 weeks’ worth of online tutorials. Beyond liaising with Aaron, my incredibly patient supervisor, on daily plans and lessons, Poppy scheduled time for me to chat with other members of the DataSauce team vis-à-vis their respective expertise. By the end of June, I acquired deeper insight into the intricacies behind advertising in a digital marketplace.

My tasks included:

☑︎ Building Facebook ad campaigns

☑︎ Client & competitor research

☑︎ Problem solving & optimisation of accounts

☑︎ Shadowing & attending client WIPs

☑︎ Lunch & Learn sessions

These were all very hands-on activities I never got from Zoom university classes, and each workday fuelled a burning desire within me to yell at prior employers for constantly pulling the “we can’t help you because you’re overseas” card. Further proof that DataSauce reigns supreme, but I digress.

Let’s talk mid-placement:

The halfway mark of my internship was incidentally also my birthday, and I’m only bringing this up to evince the genuine thoughtfulness characteristic of the DataSauce team. Although 6,080km stood between Balaclava and I, Shai – the General Manager – went out of his way to mail over a massive box of products and company merch.

Aforementioned box of products + DS merch

Talk about inclusivity and the beauty of international shipping. In addition to those taught in June, I also expanded my skill-sets with newer tasks in July: 

☑︎ Data reporting & analytics

☑︎ Automated email & Mailchimp integration

☑︎ Commerce manager & Shopify

☑︎ TikTok marketing strategies

☑︎ Google ads search certification

Let’s talk final week of my digital marketing internship:

Calling this eventful would be an understatement. My last week as a digital marketing intern coincided with the launch of DataSauce’s new website, the onboarding of new clients, and involved several miscellaneous tests. All during my so-called deadline Hell Week in school.

I was overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out of my mind, but oddly found my DataSauce workload the least maddening of all responsibilities. It even felt like respite away from the plethora of other matters demanding attention, which really goes to show how crucial enjoying your work is – something DataSauce ignites to a degree I can hardly comprehend.

Naturally, the scope of tasks I tackled in August grew as well:

☑︎ Structured internal marketing

☑︎ Copywriting & creative planning

☑︎ Building Pinterest ad campaigns

☑︎ Proposals & pitches

☑︎ Influencer strategies & briefs

With little hand-holding and far more independence, this is another key facet of a DataSauce role. You’re given mutual respect, trust and freedom to define your own experience and breathe life into your ideas, amid an environment that is kind toward failure and kinder toward success.

These views may only reflect the stance of one former digital marketing intern (turned employee, hooray!) an ocean away, but are entirely honest and totally not a product of being offered a job.    

TL;DR: I think DataSauce is great.

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