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Is there merit to beautiful email design?

eDMs are the first step in (hopefully) a chain reaction that leads to a purchase, and we’re all about storytelling where words work in tandem with visuals. That’s why we value time and effort put into email design, especially for brands in verticals saturated with competitors.

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Keep reading.

Remember back in the day when you’d check your letterbox and find a big stack of catalogues for Coles, The Reject Shop, and more? Cut to 2024, and the era of the humble catalogue has turned into inboxes full of eDM campaigns.

And with that, we’ve also seen customer tastes level up.

eCommerce Marketing Emails – Where does it come in?

eCommerce marketing emails are the first step in (hopefully) a chain reaction that leads to a purchase. So, why shouldn’t they look great while telling a compelling story too?

At DataSauce, we’re all about storytelling, and know the value of words in tandem with visuals. That’s why we value the time and effort put into email design, especially for brands in verticals that are saturated with competitors.

Making words stand out on the page, accompanying them with striking imagery, compelling recipients to click through and then view products online.

Sure, you may be able to set up automated flows via platforms like Shopify with default abandoned cart messaging and other generic objectives, but let’s face it — They’re boring. They’ll never hook a prospect in with a great hook nor get them over the line with your USPs or exclusive offers, and will probably head straight to trash.

But when you don’t skimp on the details in your emails, you might just see metrics like an 80% increase in CTRs — which we’ve seen within two months for a new brand partnership…

So what’s the point of this blog, I hear you ask yourself?

Well, while we’re all about strong brand identity and even stronger metrics, we also know that times and trends change, which is why we pride ourselves on regular upskilling.

Enter our trusted partner, Klaviyo.

As part of our ongoing agency-wide training, our team has the privilege of consistently learning about Klaviyo’s new product updates and email marketing strategy wins for 2024. 

Covering off all that our partnership with Klaviyo can bring to the table (re: CRM) for our clients, recent updates we’ve been made privy to include new AI features, changes to reporting and deliverability, other exciting capabilities coming soon. 

We’ll share but when the time comes, but for now, here are some takeaways you might be interested to know:

  • Brands with a large number of one-time purchasers are typically subject to a higher average churn risk. You can mitigate this by using Klaviyo’s Predicted CLV metric to identify people who aren’t likely to purchase again, then focusing your marketing efforts on retaining customers.
  • Curious about benchmarks? On average, revenue per recipient for all flows is $1.73 — but significantly higher for Welcome Flows ($2.13) and Abandoned Cart Flows ($3.53). Where do your metrics stand?
  • SMS and eDMs complement each other when used together. But via SMS, subscribers might appreciate a more informal tone and more emojis than on email. Make sure you test, analyse, and optimise how you interact via each channel to find what works best.
  • Ever used smart send time in Klaviyo? Its reporting tool provides a graph (and other details!) about your experiment, to then uncover open rates per hour for all associated campaigns. It’s the best way to reveal the optimal sending times for your brand.
  • In terms of sign-up forms, pop-ups tend to convert at a higher rate (3.2%) than fly-out forms (2.2%). Forms have higher submission rates on mobile (3.2%) than on desktop (2.3%), and including discounts acquire 90% higher subscription rates.

But knowing is different from implementing.

So, if you’d like any assistance trialling the above OR learning more about what Klaviyo can do for your brand, get in touch with us today.

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