Meet our Head of Search

The King of Google, Kento Nishimatsu, joins the DataSauce Family
Poppy Andrews
September 20, 2021
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Meet our Head of Search, Kento Nishimatsu

After almost a decade at Carsales, Kento Nishimatsu really puts the pedal to the metal by joining the DataSauce team as our Head of Search. According to Kento, returning to the dark side - otherwise known as agency life - was refreshing and exciting. 

He also said that he hopes to “provide expert advice on all things paid search whilst driving desired results for clients’ marketing success.” 

Head of Digital, Tzvi Balbin, said that having “Kento a part of the DataSauce family is beyond exciting. Our ethos, to push the boundaries together in order to re-define the digital world, just got a mighty heave with the help of his expertise and ambition”.

And as a plate of Glick’s bagels magically appeared (Kento’s new vice at DS), he suddenly had this to say about the DataSauce team: 

“The team at DataSauce is vibrant, smart and hard-working. They really strive to do their best for the clients and it feels rewarding to be empowering these guys by adding another layer of strength to their service offering”.

Hey, we'll take it.

Kento’s addition to the DataSauce team brings us one step closer to the greater scheme of pushing the boundaries + transforming the digital marketing space (you heard it here first!).

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