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EOFY Trends: Who came out on top?

After another huge financial year, our data science team pulled together an EOFY wrap-up of our clients’ industry performance...

It isn’t a competition.

But in the interest of fun facts, data analysis and acquiring learnings on top of learnings, our data science team has pulled together an EOFY wrap-up.

Specifically, with regards to the top three B2C industries (in terms of % increase in total revenue generated) coming out of the 2022-2023 financial year.

And a verdict has now been reached:

Across the accounts we manage, the Electronics, Food, and Lifestyle verticals were ones that saw all brands (yes, ALL) under their niche grow YoY in sales.

On average, Electronics saw a 127% uplift in revenue – including brands such as Cygnett, Robot Specialist and Timebirds.

Food brands like Chief, Godiva, and Grapeful saw a 70% increase in sales generated on average, with especial growth noted amongst brands that tailor their messaging around benefiting shoppers’ overall quality of life and wellbeing. 

And last but not least, congruent with the above point, accounts we look after under the Health & Wellness sector saw a whopping increase of 334% in sales.

We’d like to think these big numbers are a testament to our expertise – and results that we’re able to offer our clients in a way that’s more than just talk.

For all three industries above, our performance marketing strategies align with an omnichannel approach, extending across Paid Search, Paid Socials, CRM, Display, and more. 

For over half of these businesses, their creative assets are signature DataSauce specialities – produced in-house by our expert designers.

Want to smash your next financial year goals like this? Get in touch with us now.

PSA: The DataSauce difference is not exclusively limited to food, electronics or health and wellness. We create bespoke strategies for businesses of all goals and genres. Events? Apps? B2B? Restaurants? Cars? Real Estate? A one-stop shop with thousands of SKUs?

We’re equipped to be an extension of your business, no matter what your vision might be.

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