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DataSauce is listed as an International Growth Expert on Google’s Market Finder website. Learn more about the program and opportunities.
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We’re stoked to announce that DataSauce is part of the first ever group of AUNZ Partners listed as an International Growth Expert on Google’s Market Finder website. 

We all know that Google is the ultimate in data and insights. As a listed Premier Google Partner agency, we get exclusive access to their proprietary insights tools and resources that help us best support our clients’ international scaling and growth plans.

About Google International Growth Acceleration Program (iGAP)

Google Partners International Growth Acceleration Program provides international growth training sessions, tools and strategic insights on possible market expansion opportunities. As a result, we’re able to drive stronger returns for our Australian clients when creating their online campaigns for new markets. 

As our Head of Search, Kento Nishimatsu explains, “iGAP helps us as advertisers fast track our clients’ success overseas. Google’s tools provide valuable tips and recommendations specific to each market and industry which can dramatically improve conversion rates.” 

Australia’s Opportunity

Since the lockdowns, eCommerce has exploded in Australia. The drastic change in consumer behaviour forced many businesses online for good. But the fast pivot has served them well, with revenue from eCommerce now surpassing brick-and-mortar sales.

“With the irreversible change COVID-19 has made to the way people shop online, there’s no better time for Australian businesses to expand internationally. These insights help make that opportunity all the more advantageous.” - Kento Nishimatsu

According to recent research by Amazon Australia, one in three Australian SMBs have recently launched or plan to expand into new countries within the next two years. Given that many comparable markets might now be more accessible to them, it could prove to be a lucrative opportunity. 

Are you chasing international growth this year?

With the right tools and marketing strategy, it’s easier than ever for Australian businesses to successfully expand into new markets. But if the thought of international growth has you feeling overwhelmed and stuck on where to start, get in touch. Our experts can guide you.

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