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Mistakes to avoid in your digital marketing strategy

We’ve seen a lot of mistakes that businesses make when they implement their digital marketing strategy. Take some free advice (no strings attached) and avoid these all-too common mistakes that can cost a bomb. 

Mistakes to avoid when you’re planning your digital marketing strategy 

Throughout our time in the digital marketing space, we’ve seen a lot of mistakes that businesses make when they implement their digital marketing strategy. 

Take some free advice (no strings attached, we promise) and avoid these all-too common mistakes that can cost a bomb for your business. 

Pip, Designer: 

 1. Not thinking holistically 

“Having the same targeting messaging is so much more powerful and worth more, less bucks more bang,” said Pip. 

So what’s being holistic all about?  Without using too many digital-esc buzz words, it’s about having a cohesive strategy across all of your channels, and - as Pip said - being targeted with your messaging. 

Remember that consumers follow a funnel - and your messaging, from email campaigns, to ad copy, to instagram creative, need to guide the consumer through said funnel so they convert. 

No one is going to keep watching a movie if there’s four different plots, a change in characters half-way through, or the beginning scene played over and over and over again. 

Make sure your strategy speaks to the consumer with a beginning, a middle and an end. 

Rachael, Senior Digital Strategy Manager: 

2. Not excluding warm audiences from cold ads

This one is all about the user journey. 

If you’re not excluding warm audiences from your cold ads, you’re wasting valuable ad spend on people who are already familiar with your brand. 

Warm audiences require a different sort of engagement. They don’t need to know who you are, they need a bit more nurturing, a bit more convincing as to why they should purchase. 

Which means when you include warm audiences in your cold ads, your speaking in the wrong way, and missing out on reaching valuable new customers. 

TLDR; Cut warm audiences out of your acquisition ads to stop wasting precious money. 

Shai, General Manager:

Shai’s three horsemen of bad digital mistakes: 

3. Not using post purchase campaigns & no replenishment campaigns

This is low hanging fruit - they’ve liked your product enough to purchase, which means they’re likely to buy again! A simple ‘thank you’ ad is not only cost effective, it re-sparks interest, and it adds a personal touch - likely to improve brand loyalty.

4. Not setting up tracking and analytics correctly

This is something we see all too often - having great results, but no way of exactly knowing where these results are coming from. 

Setting up your Facebook Pixel and Google UTM parameters are just some of the integral components of having a successful digital marketing strategy, especially as we enter a future without 3rd party cookies.  

Not having tracking set up also means you’ll have a much, much harder time reaching your warm and post-purchase audiences. 

6. Warm audiences - including email - is not updated often enough

This one ties in nicely with the one above. Having proper tracking allows you to retarget users who have watched 95% of your video, or who have opened your EDMs. 

Consistently connecting this data and updating these audiences frequently into your warm audience campaigns is vital. 

Otherwise, once again, you’re missing out on a key portion of your consumer base that are the most likely to convert .

Fedor, Digital Analyst 

7. Underestimating the amount of creatives and copy variations needed for product launch/discovery campaigns

When trying something new, you gotta have options. This really is the testing phase - so having heaps of variations is really important. 

We’ve learnt that digital marketing is an art, not a science - there truly is no formula.  What worked for one product may not work for another,  so having options to swap in and out is a must. 

So there you have it, the digital marketing mistakes we see all too often at DataSauce, straight from the horse’s mouth. 

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